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Hi! I'm Lisa Joan Anderson. I am one of 300 elite International Certified High Performance CoachesTM in the world. I coach my clients through a process to attain higher levels of Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, and Influence in order to find their joy and purpose, achieve their goals, and, ultimately, success.

You've already experienced success in your life. Yet the path you've been on seemed great initially but something is missing...You find yourself now in TRANSITION and ache for something more.

You are in the right place to SEEK more, STRIVE more, SERVE more, and SOAR! You know that by growing yourself, you’ll have better relationships and serve as a stronger role model and leader. This is where it begins! Here you’ll find resources, tools, and service offerings to help you break through to that next level.


How would you like to wake up each day more focused, more spiritually centred, joyful, and confident that you are doing your best and achieving what you are able to daily?


By living intentionally, boldly, and lovingly, with a big dose of fun mixed in, I help transform the lives of those I touch so that they may engage with life at their fullest potential – authentically and purposefully.


You’re in the right place!

I [Em]power...

Executives, Managers, Business Owners, Other Professionals, Government Employees, Parents, Stay-at-Home Moms, Caregivers, Students, and Persons ready to take charge and make a change in their life in order to successfully overcome challenges and fear, manage transitions, find peace, improve their mindset, take action, and turn their passions into better relationships and better business results to help them get what they want, using High Performance Habits and Tactics necessary to get what they want in today's hectic and overwhelming world.


My mission is to be fully present and purposefully serve my loved ones and clients compassionately and joyfully to help them thrive, flourish and live vibrantly, and to enable them to work through their transitions and aspire to their goals.  

Through High Performance CoachingTM you will be understood, respected and valued as I challenge and cheer you forward.

"Lisa was a fantastic coach - she was so skilled at both being a positive, supportive cheerleader as I went through her program, but also in challenging and pushing me to take action. I gained so much clarity, even in aspects I never imagined. It helped me make some important choices and to focus more on what's truly important. I was challenged to look deep into many of my actions and beliefs and understand them. It wasn't always easily, but I gained a lot of awareness around my mindset, how I was running my business, and even around many areas of my personal relationships. On top of that I was given so many great tools, skills, and exercises that will continue to help me day to day. Overall, I feel that I have more energy, confidence, and influence over my patients and loved ones."

Andrew Sartory, Austin Texas
Health Practitioner

"I tell everyone I know - if you want to be challenged to get your act and life together, then work with Lisa...you won’t regret it! I have no fear and my stress, anger, and sense of outrage are infinitely down. I'm laughing again!""

Heather Schafer, Austin Texas
Patent Lawyer

"Lisa kicked my butt! I can’t believe the breakthroughs that I had during our coaching sessions. She helped me unleash my true potential and always kept me focused on my goals. Lisa was very patient with me but wasn’t scared to push and challenge me to move my life forward and upward. Having her as my coach and mentor showed me that the possibilities in this life are endless. I can honestly say that I performed at my highest while she coached me each week. If you want to tap into potential you didn’t even know you had and achieve your goals faster, I suggest you work with Lisa. She is well worth the investment."

Corbin McPhee, Salt Lake City, Utah

Benefits of High Performance Coaching

"High Performance means succeeding beyond standard norms consistently over the long term while maintaining happiness, good health, and positive relationships." ~Brendon Burchard

  • Certified coaches are renowned for their ability to ask penetrating questions and deliver emotionally engaging sessions that help clients discover deep insights and major breakthroughs.
  • Coaches address clients' overall life, including their psychology, physiology, productivity, people skills, and purpose.
  • Certified coaches use a proven curriculum that delivers both coaching and training to help you achieve your next level.
  • Worksheets and tools are designed to deliver value and enable you to continue to focus on the discussion after each session.
  • Outcomes of this coaching are clear and are focused on achieving high performance habits. Every session will take you to another level.

It's Your Time! Let me help you Soar!

Click the button below for a Power Hour Transition Call. For one hour I will work with you to identify next steps and strategies you can use to release the ache, overcome the challenges, and begin moving forward! You won't believe what we can accomplish in just one hour!


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